6 Feb

By Annapurna

Video Interview Tips

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“59% of executives would rather watch video than read text.”



Innovation and change in the recruitment process for any company are always met with an element of uncertainty, especially if there is complexity to the proposed approach.


Video interviews are no longer a complex alternative to the phone interview, they seamlessly replace the first stage of the interview process whilst providing a variety of positives for both the candidate and the hiring manager. 


Annapurna has recently implemented Hinterview into their recruitment process, which has been met with positivity from both candidate and client alike.  However, a successful Hinterview can only be one which presents you in the best possible way. Based on our experience interviewing people, we have compiled a list of tips to ensure that a video interview showcases yourself in the optimum light:


Position yourself central to the camera and, similarly to a face-to-face interview, take into consideration body language and hand gestures.


Ensure the background presents you in the most professional way. A white wall is always a safe bet, however, if you have a ‘warm coloured feature’ (wooden bookshelf) in the background, it will improve engagement.


Have a strong light source pointed at your face if available. If not, taking advantage of natural light is always a safe bet.

What to Wear

A video interview is a replacement for the initial first stage interview normally and will be sent directly to the hiring manager, so dress like you would when meeting a potential job suitor.

Your Device & Connection

All good video interviews rely on a good Internet connection. If you’re on a desktop, close any applications which may use your internet. If possible, be using an ethernet connection.

During the Interview:

Where to look

Strive to look directly at the camera throughout the interview, this shows engagement and commitment. Try to not be distracted by external factors during the interview.


Video interviews are undoubtedly the future of recruitment that will become a major part of the process that all candidates go through during the hiring process. The key question is: when are you getting on-board?

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