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6 Feb

By Annapurna

Video Interview Tips

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“59% of executives would rather watch video than read text.” (   Innovation and change in the recruitment process for any company are always met with an element of uncertainty, especially if there is com…

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6 Jun

Lessons that you can learn from a job rejection


You have spent considerable time perfecting your CV, you have written the best cover letter you possibly could after researching the company religiously and you are as charming as ever in your interview...even if you believe that you have done everything possible to get the job, your efforts are unfortunately not always…

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8 Dec

How can a Fish help you in an Interview?

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Only 1 hour left until your interview, which you prepared for days, if not weeks, in advance. The shirt: Carefully chosen according to the company’s brand colours. The handshake: Been practised countless times with your best friend. The posture: Down to perfection after spending hours in front of the mirror.…

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21 Sep

Questions YOU should ask your interviewer


­­That moment when you come to the end of your interview, the deadly silence as you realise that the hiring manager has come to the end of their set questions, then the simple 6 words are uttered which send interviewees into fits of nervousness…”So, do you have any questions?” Quite simply, this…

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