21 Sep

Questions YOU should ask your interviewer


­­That moment when you come to the end of your interview, the deadly silence as you realise that the hiring manager has come to the end of their set questions, then the simple 6 words are uttered which send interviewees into fits of nervousness…”So, do you have any questions?”

Quite simply, this shouldn't be a question that sends fear of panic. This should be the moment when you show how much you want the job and ‘become’ the interviewer to show your confidence in your own abilities.


What have you enjoyed most about working in your role?

The interviewers answer will immediately portray a personal element and give you the ability to interact at a level which builds on your relationship (which hopefully you already laid the foundations prior). The decision on who is hired will be influenced by how the hiring manager & you, the candidate, interact so try and be interested in why they enjoy their role.


Can you tell me about the team I'll be working with?

This question shows your genuine interest in the future role whilst learning more about how the team is structured for future promotion prospects. Also by using the word ‘I’ll’, you are putting an element of assumption into your question as you assumptively put yourself into the team environment.


Are there any plans for growth in new markets or new products?

Showing an interest in not just the role but the business as a whole & also the market that you would potentially be working in will prove your dedication to the role. This question could be pre-empted with an element of research prior to your interview to give reference to competitors or previous market/product launches.


What is the one thing that I could do upon starting that would provide the most value?

The desire to learn & take feedback will be expressed from day 1 through asking this. You are immediately putting yourself in a situation where you are expressing your determination to succeed in the role. Providing relevant experience relating back to what exactly would provide the most value to the company will only heighten your interview success.


What is the next step in the process?

Letting the hiring manager know how serious you are about the hiring process will really put you in good stead against other candidates. Asking a question about the next steps will show your desire about wanting the job as you are actively enquiring about the process. Finding out the next steps in the hiring process is a perfect way for you to discover if there are more candidates in the process and what the timeline for decision making is.


Aside from asking a few key questions to express your desire to be successful in the role, your close should be ensuring the hiring manager has no doubts over your fit for the role.

Closing the interview with a statement about ‘how excited you are about the role’ and asking ‘whether there is anything else required from yourself for the hiring manager’, will demonstrate your ambition for the role and hopefully leave the hiring manager with no doubts on your ability to fill the role.

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