14 Nov

Let's Improve How We Give People Access to Jobs!


The way that people get access to jobs could be much better. We will be working for much longer than ever before and we need more ways to look at how people can move into new roles at all levels.

So we're creating a group of people to brainstorm to see how we can improve this and holding an event in London on the 24th November with the hope of creating a paper of ideas that we can share with business and the Government.

I was the first person from my family to go to university and count myself really lucky to have had the chance to have the opportunities I have had today. As an experienced recruiter when I look at the opportunities for people to get into employment I think that it's becoming harder and harder to get a job unless you have an exact match in skills and experience.

We need to unlock everybody's potential and measure potential capability more to assess suitability for work.

I fear for the children growing up in today's World with limited careers advice or opportunity into certain sectors of employment without excellent academic grades and degrees which are becoming increasingly unaffordable and often irrelevant to the work place.

I fear for more experienced people looking to change career or left feeling redundant in an evolving, challenging, work, and organisational landscape.

I did a piece of work earlier in the year for a large FMCG organisation to map the market for early talent attraction managers and to look to see what companies were doing differently and for innovation that exists for promoting diversity in hiring early and entry level talent.

The results of my research were disturbing in that most companies are seemingly doing little to look at diversity or innovate. From what I could see most companies seemingly just hire the same sorts of people from the same sorts of backgrounds.

Currently there is a renewed impetus on apprenticeships and internships which is positive, but do these schemes really work? Do employers genuinely see why they could be beneficial? I'm not sure.

I really want us to think about how we could improve the chances for all people to have the opportunity to get into the careers that they want at all stages of their careers.

A secondary, and just as important question is how we improve access to jobs for people that do not have the current experience, want to change careers or simply to return to work after absence.

I see very little innovation in this space and given that we will be working for longer and longer I believe that real thought is needed to improve employability and skills transferability throughout our careers.

I don't know the answers but am going to be hosting an event on the 24th November in central London to bring together companies, charities, and thought leaders in this space to brainstorm what initiatives and ideas there are out there. Please get involved or share with people interested to be involved in thinking about how we can improve things.

If interested to attend or contribute, please message me on

We will look to create a paper with the ideas and disseminate out to industry and the government. I think that this could be really exciting and could result in some interesting ideas that could promote the diversity and access agenda. Even if one idea comes out that makes a difference to one person's life then it's worth the effort.

We will also look to create a forum after the event on our:

Business Transformation Network -

I would love you to help me to promote this event and movement.


by James Ballard (Director & Founder at Annnapurna Recruitment)

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