21 Jul

Annapurna Introduce The Business Transformation Network

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Annapurna is the proud sponsors of The Business Transformation Network (BTN), an online media platform providing a range of content on business transformation across a variety of mediums. The BTN hosts articles, events and video content across people, process and technological transformation.

Business transformation can be a tricky subject to pinpoint to one specific topic, so you can find yourself trawling the internet for hours looking for trends, articles or videos that are specific to transformation. Eventually, you may give up and leave your search potentially more confused or unenlightened than when you started it, which can be frustrating. The BTN provides access to this information, across one platform, for quick and easy searching on the trends and topics being discussed within the business change arena.

This week, The BTN promoted content across numerous areas including Brexit, Tackling change in business, HRIS and Diversity and Inclusion.

The BTN recently hosted an event in partnership with Saîd Business School at the University of Oxford with HR guru, Professor Dave Ulrich.

In the exclusive video, Dave speaks about his new book, 'Victory Through Organisation'. Dave looks at why he believes 'HR is not about HR, it's about the business'. Dave poses the question as to what does HR have to know and do to help deliver business value? He focuses on what exactly is more important for the organisation between talent and the system and looks how this can be directly related to organisations.

Why is the war for talent failing your organisation and what can you do about it.

Brexit has been and will continue to be, a hot topic for the considerable future. The BTN has worked with Neil Roden, previously HR Director at Royal Bank of Scotland, on developing a Brexit series. Throughout the series, Neil analyses and discusses the problems we face with Brexit from various points of view; the economy, the organisations, and the employees.

The insightful nature of the content on The BTN has allowed Annapurna to develop our understanding of various areas of business transformation. We recommend the content to anyone that is struggling with understanding specific areas of transformation or even individuals that would like more insight into the potential effects of Brexit on the economy and employees.

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