14 Nov

Let's Improve How We Give People Access to Jobs!


The way that people get access to jobs could be much better. We will be working for much longer than ever before and we need more ways to look at how people can move into new roles at all levels. So we're creating a group of people to brainstorm to see how we can improve this and holding an event in London on the 24th…

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15 Aug

5 Lessons You Can Learn from a Dog During a Job Search


If you observe the behaviour of a dog closely, you can notice that there are some similarities between that of a dog and a successful job search. Even if you can teach an old dog new tricks, you can certainly learn some new tricks from an old dog.   1. DEVELOP A ROUTINE Most dogs begin the day with an ex…

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1 Aug

Job Offer on the table…Accept, Decline or Wait?

forking road 839830 1920.jpg

You have found your perfect job, your profile has been submitted, you’ve been through 2 interview stages and finally, you have received a job offer. Naturally, this all seems perfect but this is where the biggest decision lies. Do you accept the offer, decline it or wait it out? There are a few things to consider be…

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6 Jun

Lessons that you can learn from a job rejection


You have spent considerable time perfecting your CV, you have written the best cover letter you possibly could after researching the company religiously and you are as charming as ever in your interview...even if you believe that you have done everything possible to get the job, your efforts are unfortunately not always…

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New #job: Graduate Development Lead Location: London Salary: 65kpa - 90kpa .. #jobs #hiring

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