27 Jul

10 Things to Improve your LinkedIn Profile


Your LinkedIn profile is your online CV, so why do so many people not spend enough time optimising their profile?

Below are 10 simple, yet effective, ways of improving your online profile to enhance your personal profile and improving your potential job prospects.


Add a picture

LinkedIn promotes that you're 14 times more likely to be viewed with this little addition to your profile. Ensure your photo is professional and aligns with the image you are trying to portray. Add a background photo too on your profile; this is an easy way to promote your personal/company brand or even awards that you have won previously.


Add a Profile Headline

Your profile headline is your first impression. Sell what you do here, don't rely on your job title, and use this as your advertising strapline. If you’re a project manager, describe a variety of the projects that your areas of focus are on. If you're looking for a job, say exactly what you're looking for here.

This can also be the perfect opportunity for companies to develop their brand.


Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar

SP&G doesn’t give you an extra 5% like you would get in the world of education but typos in job titles, companies or your summary will significantly hamper your credibility!

Utilising the built-in browser spell check or copying your content from a word doc before updating your online profile will solve this problem. It is the equivalent of your CV after all.


Create a Unique URL

A unique URL is an attractive way of displaying your LinkedIn profile when included within your email signature or personal blog. Self promotion is difficult, so at least make the URL to your professional bio as clean as possible.


Make a summary

Ensuring your summary is full of keywords & market relevant search terms will mean that recruiters/hiring managers are more likely to discover your profile and offer you that next job opportunity. The summary can also be a succinct way of listed achievements and tasks undertaken from your current job.


Skills & Expertise

This is the perfect area for you to show your network what exactly your specialist areas of business are. If you’re proficient in the Abode Suite tools, this is where you can display it; if you are certified in Java Development, your skillset can be shown here.


Don't limit your LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the only social network that shows you what users have been viewing your profile. You can limit your public profile settings but you are limiting your LinkedIn experience.

Once your settings are limited, a potential job opportunity or networking connection viewing your profile will not learn anything about why you'd be a beneficial contact.



The first message to a complete stranger might not be a comfortable situation for some. However, LinkedIn is there as a tool to connect and network with like-minded professionals.

Find a common interest such as a LinkedIn group or a hobby from their profile and use this as an opening line. Also following LinkedInFluencers and commenting on their status’ can help you to network with similar minded professionals.



Following on from the point about Networking, groups are a perfect way to start your networking through showing your expertise around a specific topic of choice. Join a selection of groups which are specific to your knowledge area and start to comment on posts which you find interesting and have an opinion on. This will help you to interact with individuals who share the same passion.


Article Posting

Reading around the subject and knowing your market trends can really help you in business, especially when going through the interview process. Finding some interesting articles and sharing them through your profile or on groups can help you gain connections, become engaged in discussions, show your expertise and learn more about your market field.


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